Under Armour Hunt

We know that the little things can be huge when you’re on the pursuit. So we build hunting clothes and gear with quiet construction to keep you silent in the field. Look for articulated knees and sleeves for freer movement. And Scent Control to keep you undetected.

Primal Outdoors

Our goal is to enhance the journeys of veteran hunters, and to help new hunters take their first steps. If you’re an old pro, we’ll give you the tools you need to make the most of your time and experience so you can have the kind of hunt that you want. If you’re a beginner, we’ll ease you in and keep you from getting overwhelmed. We want your hunts to be simple, comfortable, sustainable and, above all, memorable.

Woodhaven Custom Calls

WoodHaven was built from my burning desire to be the best turkey hunter I could be! The woods were my classroom. Mother nature and the wild turkeys were my best teachers! Full of ideas and a hobby, what had started back in the late 1980’s in my grandparents’ basement as a dream, was about to become an incorporated business entering into the game call industry. 20 years ago, the first line in my business plan was “to build the very best turkey calls, period”. I wanted top of the line in every facet of the company.

Vortex Optics

To ensure you get the finest optics, accessories, and apparel, we’re obsessed with understanding both your needs and what drives you. That means not only demanding the best from ourselves, but listening to you as we develop new products and services. From the hunt of a lifetime, to protecting your life and the lives of others, we take your faith in us very seriously.

Redline Bowhunting

We were born from imperfection, but promise to deliver what the industry and bow hunters deserve. Perfection lies within the combination of three simple elements. Bowhunting accessories should one, contain every feature needed by a hunter for the hunt, two, be highly engineered with the best/highest quality materials, and finally and most importantly, cost only what the everyday bowhunter can afford.

Antler Ice

When urine leaves the body it begins to rot.  There is only two ways to stop urine from rotting… add preservatives, or freeze it.  When preservatives are added, the natural smell of urine no longer exsists.  This is why Antler Ice’s line of fresh, frozen products out preforms any other preservative filled or synthetic product on the market.

Quincy TractorNew Holland Agriculture

At New Holland, we build products with technology that helps you farm more efficiently, sustaining your family’s business. Together with your New Holland dealer, we’re with you every step of the way as your equipment needs evolve. 


We make the brightest, longest lasting, most durable lighted arrow nocks on the market. All others are imitations. 

Rugged Road Outdoors

Coming in at less than half the weight of the competition with similar ice retention, the Rugged Road cooler is unlike anything else on the market. The secret is in the Rigorite™ coating. Rigorite™is an innovative proprietary spray that was originally developed for many military applications, including bomb-proofing the walls of the Pentagon. It is strong enough to support the weight of an entire Jeep and tough enough to survive a drop off a mountainside.

Motorsports inc./Can-Am

Motosports, Inc. has added a large warehouse to facilitate our vast inventory of equipment and accessories for ATVs, Ranger and snowmobile product lines we carry. Our service staff is well trained, experienced and ready to handle any service your equipment may require. Motosports, Inc. stocks a complete line of genuine factory parts and accessories which can be ordered and shipped to your door via UPS.  We accept major credit cards for payment.